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Day 9: 833 Words Written Under Protest

April 30th, 2015 by Steve


Last week I talked about the importance of taking control of your schedule to carve out some writing time, part of which involved getting your chores done up front so you can use all the free time afterward to write your pretty little head off without worry your domicile was going to slip into anarchy and chaos.

Today, I just want to go on record and say just how much I hate this plan. When I woke up today, I felt poopy. like the whole day ahead of me was conspiring to make me feel sick and drag me under. My allergies were on high alert, saying things like, “Oh look, the trees are all coming into bloom. But aren’t you allergic to most tree pollens? Wouldn’t want to be in your shoes now.”

Meanwhile, the reluctant Susie-effing-Homemaker side of my brain said, “Just remember, you’ve got to scrub some toilets before taking the boy to school, or no writing time for you this morning.” I hate the Susie-effing-Homemaker side of my brain the most, I think. Suburban self-loathing at its worst perhaps. If I ever improve as a writer and enjoy any financial success in this endeavour, the first thing I do is hire a bloody maid.

But, I feel I also have to go on record saying I love this plan, too, because I screwed up my gumption and plowed through and I scrubbed those toilets and I got my son off to school (with a prepared hot lunch and everything), and then I walked the dogs with help from my daughter (her teachers are out on strike), and then I wrote guilt-free for an hour.

Daily total: 833
Accumulated total: 6,085
Average daily word count: 676
Progress toward target: 6.68681318681319%
Target rate: 193.1428571428571%

If I can keep up this average daily word count, the 91,000 word target will be reached on day 135. Not bad for a 260 day plan. Take that, stupid blog that no one reads. I’m making progress.


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