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Day 8: 615 Words

April 29th, 2015 by Steve


Oh yeah! We’re up to 5,252 words now. I figured today that my detectives had to report in with a superior, so I invented Lieutenant Nash on the fly this morning. Not too sure what the old Loo looks like. Haven’t even assigned a gender, although I think I’ll reveal she’s female later on, sort of saying here’s mud in your eye to any sexist pig who just assumed the superior officer would be a man. Oh yeah, I’m mega-progressive!

As I was walking dogs today I did a little mental math. Seeing as how I hit the 5% mark yesterday, Day 7, that means I’ll hit 91,000 words on day 140 (if I can keep this pace up, that is), 120 days before the proposed 260 day deadline. Roughly four months early. HOLY HECK DARN! Oops, allcaps mishaps. I didn’t mean that, but I’m too excited to edit.

All right, gotta go make dinner now. Kids need to be fed daily, apparently. Laters.

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