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Day 7: 361 Words, and then a Couple Hundred More

April 28th, 2015 by Steve


Hey there. One more day, a few hundred more words. I squeezed in only eleven more words than my per diem target of 350, but I’ve managed to complete 5% of my 91,000 word total target. Woo-hoo!

I also started an Open University course (Start Writing Fiction). I have no idea why I thought I’d take a course. Maybe it’s because I can’t help seeing if I can get a fresh new insight into how to get things done. Maybe it’s because I like to see what I’m capable of. Maybe it’s just because it was free. Who knows.

The first assignment was to write a fifty to hundred words involving three true things and one fictitious thing, followed by a similar assignment involving three fictitious things and one true thing. And, lucky you, here they are, because — quite frankly — I don’t really have much else to write about today.

Three and One

One’s for my saline drip, and that’s where they took my blood. Four vials. I had an episode. Not a heart attack. Atrial fibrillation. They needed to cardiovert me. Like defibrillation, but it’s stopping a heart that’s racing out of control hoping that it’ll restart in a normal rhythm. Like rebooting a computer. My lungs stopped, too, though. Next thing I know I’m in a black room with this old woman. We played table tennis. She took me in two straight sets. They called my name. She said it’s time. That’s how I got the bruises on my arms.

One and Three

The bugs in our neighbourhood have always been bad. When they swarm, they get in your hair, up your nose and in your eyes — dreadful. Last year they sprayed this experimental new chemical. This spring, the bugs were bigger. More persistent. Carnivorous. Not like mosquitoes. More like mini-piranhas. Last night, there was this horrible wailing in the backyard. A swarm cloud descending on Daisy, our beloved golden lab. They picked her bones clean in just under a minute. Thankfully our son is now big enough to wrestle me to the ground. Her fate may have been mine as well.

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