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Day 15: 704 Words for a Grand Total of 10,666 Words

May 8th, 2015 by Steve


10,666. That’s a good, woody number. Sort of a cross between the Battle of Hastings and the Number of the Beast. A solid, downright portentous number. I like it when I can say to myself, “Self, that’s a good place to stop for the day,” and I’ve actually just cleared my daily minimum wordcount and hit a good, woody total wordcount number.

It was another of those get up early because there’s going to be lots to do and a whole lot of people in the house kind of days, so I rose around 5:30 to tackle today’s writing task. Then I cooked breakfast for everyone, made my son’s lunch, got the boy off to school, walked the dog, found my wife’s missing mitten on a path, emailed her a photo of the mitten to make sure it was hers, went back for it when she confirmed that it was indeed hers, and then came home to work on laundry, marinate some chicken (olive oil, fresh-squeezed lemon juice, Dijon, salt, pepper, garlic and diced fresh rosemary) before settling down with a cuppa (tea, Earl Grey, hot!).

The missing mitten in question

The missing mitten in question, just how I found it

I think the rest of the day will bring wrapping Mother’s Day gifts, praying to the Amazonian deities that her last present arrives today (no post on Saturdays (in Canada), Harry), walking other people’s dogs, and maybe settling down with an Ian Rankin novel to catch up on how Inspector Rebus is doing figuring out who killed the Russian poet. And then, of course, I’ll get up at least fifty times for no other reason to let at least one of our dogs through the back door. Such is my life (but I love it so).

This weekend, I’ll try to think up some stuff for my characters to do next week while making breakfast for my darling wife.

Today’s stats:

Daily total: 704
Accumulated total: 10,666
Average daily word count: 711.0666666666667
Progress toward target: 11.72087912087912%

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