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Day 13: 758 Words, 10% Completion, and Manuscript Saved from the Trash

May 6th, 2015 by Steve


I’m doing a happy dance this morning. I hit 10% My first milestone! And I got my daily average wordcount up above 700, which is double my original target of 350 words a day. This means that I can keep up this rate I can hit the target of 91,000 words in as little as six months. First draft of my first novel by mid-October? Maybe. All I really have to do is write the other 81,870 words to make it happen, right?

Most likely easier said than done.

So a funny thing happened on the way to this breakthrough writing session today. I started thinking through all the things real cops would do if put in the position of the cops I’m writing about, trying to find a missing person. And then I thought about something I never considered before when I saw one of my dogs. Oh great, I thought, the entire book is screwed because in the real world they would’ve just called in a cadaver dog that would led them to the corpse by page ten, therein solving the mystery.

But before I chucked the whole thing I did some research, and did I get lucky. Since I had the foresight to set the story during a typical Canadian deep freeze period, my detectives wouldn’t have the option of using cadaver dogs. Apparently, according to the handy dandy cadaver dog training manual I found online, freezing temps make cadaver dogs rather unreliable, and a cold snap would make them completely useless. The dogs hone in on the scent of decay and decomposition, something a corpse just doesn’t do when frozen solid.

So, yay! Manuscript not chucked. For me, that’s real progress.

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