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350: Investing Words

February 3rd, 2016 by Steve


Last time we talked about taking time off after building up a surplus of words. Of course, you can always keep on building up that word count. Instead of saving words for a rainy day, you can save them for an early retirement. The more words you rack up, the sooner you’ll hit your annual goal.

Let’s think of the 350 daily word count not as an average and more of a required minimum. Make time to write every day. Write until you hit that target. Keep on writing until you find a decent place to stop. If you do that, you’ll find yourself progressing to your annual goal quicker. And once you hit that goal, you’ll keep writing, won’t you? Write your little brains out and see just how many words you can get out in a year. And then when the new year rolls around you do it all over again and see if you can beat the previous year’s total.

As of this writing, I’m at 9,534 words on the 22nd writing day of the year. And that’s just on the novel I’m working on. That doesn’t include blogs or anything else. I’m averaging 433 words a day. Today I did over 500, the other day I was just shy of 900. Every day’s a little different and a little bit closer to 91k. If I manage to keep this rate up, I’ll be able to hit the annual target on writing day 210. What? Get out of here. That’s 50 days early. Oh, yeah! That’s over two months ahead of schedule.

It all comes from the power of baby steps. The unparallelled propulsion gained by setting the bar relatively low. Bite-sized chunks on the way to global domination, as it were. I want to write a novel. It’s a big, daunting task. Something I’ve never done before. We’re talking about tens of thousands of words strung together to tell a coherent story. But by splitting the job up into tiny, simple daily tasks, I just might be able to get my first-draft together before Hallowe’en. (I started on January the 4th). Hallelujah.


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