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350: Day 1

January 4th, 2016 by Steve


Well, it’s that time again. Time to take one of those dumb story ideas of mine and see how far I can run with it. You know, sort of what I tried last year only to throw it out halfway through because I didn’t do my due diligence and my second act turned into this big, mushy, aimless pile of garbage I refused to show to anyone. So this time around I’ll do better. Because it’s almost inconceivable I could do worse.

I’m following Chuck Wendig’s plan to pump out 350 words a day every weekday so I get a finished first draft in a year. See image above for a quick synopsis. Wish me luck.

While I go, I’m going to periodically drop little posts like this. Primarily to act as a diary about the thoughts and planning and processes going into the project, but also as sort of a reference for what 350 words really looks like. It sort of looks like this. This right here. I’m going to make each post approximately 350 words long. So you can read it on your smartphone in the bathroom and finish up before you’re done. So you can see how doable the plan really is.

350 words really isn’t a lot. It’s wee. Tiny. Minuscule. You can do it standing on your head. I’ve pumped out over 200 words already and I’ve barely even started. Because that’s the thing, really: once you get going, once you figure out the thread of the story you want to tell and start putting your ducks in a row you’ll find that 350 words comes pretty darn easy. It’s a simple manner of planning and execution. Now, I’m no expert on the process, but I’m going to do all I can to become one and so help me if I can help others through the same process I’m going to do it.

We’re now just over 300 words. See how easy that was? Virtually painless. Right? Right.

Check back soon for more short posts on my favourite writing guides, my writers group, and all my other tools, etc. Okay, that’s 350. I’m done.

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